Birthday baklava


As I was transfering my photos from disc to computer, I came across this picture that I had forgotten about. My birthday baklava. For my 41st birthday, I had a I survived 40 celebration. Since my birthday fell on Friday, that meant I was entitled to a whole weekend of celebration. The first night entailed a family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in DC, Cava which serves Greek Mezze. I was looking forward to the loukoumades (Greek donuts), covered in warm cinnamon honey and powdered sugar, for dessert.  I guess the candle wouldn’t stand up in the mini tower of donut holes.  Fine with me, I still got my donuts and the baklava made for a better photo. Continue reading “Birthday baklava”

Remembering Teena Marie

I woke up from a long nap and looked at my cell phone for messages. There was a text from my cousin Dina, “Teena Marie died.” I scrolled to my Twitter to check LoveSamanthaG. I saw her tweet and clicked on the link to her blog post. It was true Teena Marie had left us.

I knew why Dina had told me, the summer of Square Biz. Every summer we had a song and 1981 was Teena’s year. Square Biz was a fun, cocky tune. One of the first in a trend of adding a rap to into a regular song. Lady T laid it out. She wasn’t afraid to be a white woman in an R&B world and we embraced it. Continue reading “Remembering Teena Marie”

To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop

Churcheagle Churcheagle_edit
I got called out recently at a family gathering. Where are the pictures? I’m notorious for taking alot of pictures that no one ever sees. To practice my event photography skills, I had volunteered to take pictures at my cousin’s wedding rehearsal. Everyone saw me running around snapping away. Now, they wanted to see the results. Continue reading “To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop”

Visiting Ireland in Atlantic City

Ri Ra Irish pub in Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, Bartender Junior
In my quest to travel on a nonexistent budget, I use to plot out trips that would take me the farthest while costing me the least. I would start with my most ideal destination and work my way down.  Clearly Italy would have to wait. I need at least 2 weeks to eat my way through that country. Next up London. I could do it in a weekend but the theater and shopping would cost me, which brings me to Dublin. I could be happy hanging out in pubs talking to Irish people.

Fast forward to now. My travel plans mostly extend to Atlantic City. Not that I like to gamble, but my mother lives for the slots. This gets her a free room, a meal and an occasional movie at the Imax theater at the Tropicana. I tagged along thinking I could get a travel story out of it. I also collect my mom’s winnings, so she didn’t put them all back into the slot machines. I did a little research and found the first Atlantic City International Film and Music Festival would be going on. Continue reading “Visiting Ireland in Atlantic City”