Birthday baklava


As I was transfering my photos from disc to computer, I came across this picture that I had forgotten about. My birthday baklava. For my 41st birthday, I had a I survived 40 celebration. Since my birthday fell on Friday, that meant I was entitled to a whole weekend of celebration. The first night entailed a family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in DC, Cava which serves Greek Mezze. I was looking forward to the loukoumades (Greek donuts), covered in warm cinnamon honey and powdered sugar, for dessert.  I guess the candle wouldn’t stand up in the mini tower of donut holes.  Fine with me, I still got my donuts and the baklava made for a better photo.

I thought maybe I had enough of Cava for awhile since I usually ordered the same thing.  With almost 20 people ordering different things, I got to taste a lot of new dishes, the salmon, the crab cakes and the orzo just to name a few. Holy Spanokopita! This renewed my love of this restaurant and it’s Greek-style tapas.

Saturday night, I dragged family and friends to the Cheesecake Factory and then Dave & Busters. Pretty good for a 41 year old except I pooped out on Sunday.

Birthday Birthday2

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