Les Nubians during DC Jazz Festival

Quick-0056After a long quest to see Les Nubians, my cousin Dina and I finally got our chance during the DC Jazz Festival. Somehow for one reason or another, over the last couple of years Dina and I have not been able to coordinate an outing to see this amazing French duo. We thought we might have to travel to France to increase our chances.

Les Nubians was worth the wait. I knew musically they would be phenomenal. Luckily, I decided to bring along my DSLR even though I didn’t have a press pass. I started out trying to catch a few inconspicuous shots from my seat. A few songs into the show, I found myself on my knees in front of the stage in my dress and heels. The sisters were so photogenic I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. I took over 600 photos.

Although my speedlight is small, I decided to leave it at home to keep my bag light. Flash photography is rarely allowed at concerts. As it turned out, that was a mistake. I hadn’t anticipated Les Nubians would sign autographs after the show. Since there was another performance, the house lights weren’t on. I found myself in a dark corner trying to capture the women meeting their fans with only a snake light. I did still capture a few interesting shots.