To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop

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I got called out recently at a family gathering. Where are the pictures? I’m notorious for taking alot of pictures that no one ever sees. To practice my event photography skills, I had volunteered to take pictures at my cousin’s wedding rehearsal. Everyone saw me running around snapping away. Now, they wanted to see the results.

With film, this never came up. Sometimes it took a long time before I got the film developed but usually I was anxious to see how the photos turned out. Other people had no expectations of seeing pictures anytime soon. But digital changed all that. Everyone expects to see your photos instantaneously. You should be able to email them or post them on Facebook. That’s if they don’t demand to see the LCD monitor on your camera.


I have to admit I have an instant gratification problem too. I love being able to see pictures as soon as I take them. Problem is sometimes that’s enough. Maybe the pictures aren’t that interesting or they’re down right bad. I don’t always feel compelled to see them on a bigger screen, especially knowing that I’m not done yet. Now when I look at a photo and wish I could fix one little thing, I can.

I have a backlog of photos that need to be Photoshopped, which is why they have never seen the light of day. I still have photos from another cousin’s wedding 5 years ago that haven’t been seen because they came out underexposed and I’m convinced that I can redeem them. Photoshop seemed like a blessing then. I see it for the ugly beast that it is now. I took 2 Photoshop classes thinking I was gaining the skills to make it as a professional photographer. I did well in the class but you can’t tame the beast. I purchased a copy of Photoshop Elements and changed my photographic philosophy.

My quest is just to capture what is there. I get excited by the challenge of concert and sports photography. Candid portraits, architecture, travel. No posing models or setting up lights. It’s just my eyes and my camera at work. Ok, so I end up with a lot of badly lit and blurry photos. But when I catch that one perfect moment…I know I was meant to do this.


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