Style and Substance

As I go through my photos deciding what to add to my portfolio, I'm looking to see if I have developed a style in my concert photography. As I focus on the business side of my photography, I have to contemplate branding, niche, marketing etc.

When I took photography in college, I had very distinct ideas about what I wanted to capture. Then, I loved the idea of being in control. I used anything from professional lights to my desk lamp. My tripod got a regular workout. With concerts, I spend my time running back and forth across the front of the stage trying to capture anything I can, lights changing, musicians moving. When I look over my pictures, I'm just hoping for them to be in focus. Is the exposure even close to right? Did I get the singer in frame? Sometimes I wonder if I did any thinking during the shoot. Problem is I love the rush and the challenge. All it takes is a few great shots to go from chicken with its head cut off to photographic genius.