'The Voice' artists: Nicole Nelson, Suzanna Choffel and De'Borah

Despite the darkness of the Rockwood Music Hall and my lens limitations, I came out with some good shots.
NN-3724I did for the first time rely on turning a couple of shoots to black and white, which is a common practice when concert photographers face very low or very bad light. I was happy with my choices though. I learned on black and white film and sometimes I miss it.

Nicole Nelson is a photographer’s dream. Her face is expressive. She uses her hands alot that naturally creates leading lines and frames. I was a little disappointed to find the focus was soft on some of the shots I liked with Nicole and Suzanna Choffel. Dwight & Nicole’s set was darker, especially as she song her show stopping rendition of Hallelujah.
Suzanna was bathed in a lot of red light but mainly she was just on the move with her guitar. My exposures for De’Borah were fairly decent since I was working with a faster lens. I just missed out on close ups of her with a 50mm.


Check out my article on the show to see the photos. Nicole Nelson of Team Adam performs in New York