Visiting Ireland in Atlantic City

Ri Ra Irish pub in Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, Bartender Junior
In my quest to travel on a nonexistent budget, I use to plot out trips that would take me the farthest while costing me the least. I would start with my most ideal destination and work my way down.  Clearly Italy would have to wait. I need at least 2 weeks to eat my way through that country. Next up London. I could do it in a weekend but the theater and shopping would cost me, which brings me to Dublin. I could be happy hanging out in pubs talking to Irish people.

Fast forward to now. My travel plans mostly extend to Atlantic City. Not that I like to gamble, but my mother lives for the slots. This gets her a free room, a meal and an occasional movie at the Imax theater at the Tropicana. I tagged along thinking I could get a travel story out of it. I also collect my mom’s winnings, so she didn’t put them all back into the slot machines. I did a little research and found the first Atlantic City International Film and Music Festival would be going on. Continue reading “Visiting Ireland in Atlantic City”